Frequently Asked Questions

XPRS Capital Africa (Pty) Ltd is a technology-driven small business funding platform. We provide small business financing of R50,000 to R500,000 to businesses operating in over 100 industries. At XPRS, we understand the challenges of growing and building a business. To that end, we are constantly innovating ways to get you access to capital quickly, efficiently, and affordably.
Because all of our customers have unique businesses situations, there really are no “typical” terms. However, our financing amounts range from R50,000 to R500,000 and have repayment terms of 3 to 12 months.
The cost of XPRS financing varies based on the cash flow of your business. On average, for business funding of R100,000, you may pay approximately R20,000 over 3 to 12 months. Depending on the cash flow profile of your business, an XPRS Account Manager will be more than happy to find a solution that best fits your needs.
XPRS is a technology-driven platform, and so our systems are built to minimize unnecessary paperwork and avoid the hassle of mailing documents back and forth. If you have all of your business documentation ready, XPRS can provide funding in as quickly as 1 business day from start to finish. An example could be: Day 1: Complete all application requirements. Day 1: XPRS provides a decision in minutes. Day 1: All documents signed and executed. Day 1-2: XPRS provides funding.
Our customers use XPRS funding for a variety business needs: to finance working capital, purchase equipment, build inventory, incremental marketing and advertising expenses, hiring/training new staff ahead of a seasonal peak period, and many others. Unfortunately, XPRS does not extend funding that will be used, in part or whole, for any consumer, personal, family, or household purpose(s).
Your business must have:
  • At least 12 months of operations.
  • At least R1 Million in annual revenue.
  • Funding requirement of at least R50,000.
  • A business entity that is a (Pty) Ltd or a CC.
  • Operations based in SA
  • +
    We welcome any healthy business applicants to apply for XPRS small business funding. Traditional banks often require a long list of documentation that has very little to do with the health of your business. Traditional banks also have unnecessarily stringent requirements and rigid funding terms.
    This is where XPRS excels. Our application process is simple; the entire process can be paperless. XPRS also focuses on the health of your business and how responsible you are as a business owner, instead of focusing solely on your personal credit score, as most traditional banks do.
    XPRS uses weekly Debit Order payments, which are made directly from your business account on a business day that is not a public holiday. XPRS uses weekly payments to help you manage and smooth out your cash flow, so that you are not surprised and overburdened with other large-ticket bills at the end of the month.
    We at XPRS know that a healthy business is a healthy business, regardless of the owners’ personal credit score. As such, our XPRS Account Managers really focus on the cash flow of your business and less so on personal credit. If you are a responsible business owner and can manage your daily cash flow well, you should consider XPRS.
    In order to start a loan application, we typically ask for:
  • Business information.
  • Business owner information.
  • Business bank statements (prior 6 months).
  • Previous year tax returns, if filed.
  • ID number of principal business owner(s).

  • Once approved for funding, XPRS may ask for additional documents (for example, your business license or certificate of formation) to verify the identities of the business and its principal owners.
    XPRS payments are made in weekly fixed payments from your business bank account, whereas merchant cash advances take a portion of your future revenues, sometimes before you even see customer receipts deposited into your business bank account.
    XPRS extends business financing to over 100 industries. Our customers can be restaurants, retailers, medical practices, motor repair shops, franchises, contractors, and many others.